Smallest king

If you love a girl so much just because she has a big ass and unfortunately you get married to her just because of the beautiful and big ass okay after 2 days of your marriage she had an accident they took her to the hospital but she could not make it. So tje questions is my brothers will you be crying of her ass or the love she had for you………….

My sisters if you find out that the did not loves you as you do love him. what action will you like you spirit to take………..

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Smallest king

The total number of people gambling is far greater than does which are not gambling. In the other side the percentage of does taking drugs is greater than does who are not taking it. This is now showing that as the world is growing with more technology the it is getting out if hands. Pleas lets be all careful the way we want to live our lifes,, cause a better decisions we take for our life will change our lifes stile


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The smallest
Still 19

is name to a new born baby and was waiting for the families to reply but the baby reply instead and said to the man stop wasting you time cause I can’t bear your name because you are……………?